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An Oakville Chiropractor’s Story

Dr. Justin Guy

I grew up obsessed with sports.

When I was 16, the week before I left for England to play soccer in Manchester, I injured my right hip. Long story short, I went on the trip anyways and played injured. Ended up that I tore my right hip flexor, quad and hamstring muscles.

Coming home, I was beaten up pretty badly.

For the next two years, getting through even a single half of a soccer game was a struggle. I tried multiple Physiotherapists, Sports Medicine Specialists and Massage Therapists. You name it, I tried it. Except for seeing a Chiropractor. Then, the summer before going to University, and playing on the varsity team, my girlfriend (now my wife and mother of two handsome chaps) got a job as a receptionist at a Chiropractors office and convinced me to give that a shot. Why not, I’d tried everything else. I’m glad that I listened, because it changed the course of my life.

Within a few short weeks, my left hip was as good as new. I couldn’t believe it and reflected at that moment on the past years of rehab. I’d received massage therapy to clean up the muscle tension, physiotherapy for an exercise program to strengthen and balance the muscles.  And finally a Chiropractor, who made adjustments to my hips, pelvis and lower back; restoring mobility and positioning to the joints and soft tissues.

So I asked myself, why had each therapist only focused on the core elements of their profession? Why had they not combined each piece of the puzzle and boosted my recovery?

I couldn’t believe that I’d spent years suffering, when the solution seemed so simple.

The Mobility Plus Chiropractic approach was born as a result of those experiences. Who cares if your title is Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor? It’s all about what someone can do for you and getting the best results possible.

We treat every patient like we would our own family. Our Chiropractic Initial Assessments are very thorough, so that we deeply understand the tissues generating the pain, as well as the primary cause. When this is identified, we’re able to instruct our patients on how to resist future injury and improve their bodies overall functional wellness and abilities. In turn, they prevent joints from breaking down, keep muscles strong and make every-day life easy and effortless.



Dr. Justin Guy

Chiropractor & Clinic Owner

Mobility Plus Chiropractic in Oakville, Ontario

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